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CSDCAS is a service that allows applicants to use a single centralized application and one set of materials to apply to multiple SLP or Audiology graduate programs at participating schools.


"Applying to graduate programs and starting the CSDCAS process can feel so overwhelming. Fortunately CSDCAS is a wonderful way to keep track of all your records and your application progress. When I was unsure of any step on CSDCAS I called the Help Center and they were so helpful. Never hesitate to call or ask your advisors for help!"

Grace K., current SLP graduate student

CSDCAS helped to streamline the application process immensely. I especially liked how you can apply for multiple schools on one platform and how easy it was to request recommendation letters through the site.

My advice to applicants is to start the process early and ensure that you read everything carefully on the CSDCAS application and know the requirements for the specific schools that you are applying to. 

Graduate Student in Colorado

Getting started?

Steps to Apply

  1. Login and select your programs
  2. Begin your application
  3. Enter in your colleges attended and request all of your transcripts
  4. Request recommendations
  5. Complete the remainder of your application and submit it
  6. Check your application status


Preparing Your CSDCAS Application

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